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Why EcoHill Solutions

Here at EcoHill Solutions, we do everything to ensure that your sustainability goals match the expectations of the building. We bring perspective, knowledge and experience to green building design and operations. We know that designing, building, and operating a sustainable building is a demanding challenge that requires a comprehensive process, but we are confident that our solutions will meet and exceed any of our client needs.

For companies looking to address climate change, we help explain the correlation between behavior and global warming by breaking down sustainability into a useful and easy-to-digest level. We develop strategies that deal with short-term and long-term consequences. We share those concerns and work to find solutions that protect the environment and reduce the overall carbon footprint. We work to promote energy efficiency and conservation through the most effective, low-cost and immediate solutions.

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Green Building

LEED Administration

Design decisions affect a building for decades to come and so each choice should be based on more than just assets. A building should actively work to improve occupant health, comfort, and productivity, while at the same time be able to address the environment and future needs of occupants.

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building commissioning

EcoHill Solutions works closely with all parties to build a project team where information moves quickly to create a unified streamlined project. Our collaboration with developers, architects, builders, and staff act to strengthen building initiatives and ensures a successful outcome.

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Facility Expertise

energy auditing

Our knowledge of building systems encompasses all aspects of buildings within all markets. Our team addresses buildings of all ages to bring them into the 21st century. Our services work to find and remedy problem areas that affect the bottom-line. Our solutions are unbiased and offer the greatest return on investment

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